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  • DC Electric Motors
  • DC Electric Motors
  • DC Electric Motors
  • DC Electric Motors
  • DC Electric Motors
  • DC Electric Motors

Our Services

  • Generator & Alternator Repair
  • Industrial & Commercial Control Systems Design, Sales and Repair
  • Automation Design, Sales and Repair
  • Fault Finding and Reporting on Machinery
  • Electrical Installations and Design
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Electric Motor, Coil, Clutch and Magnet Rewinds
  • Thermal imagery and investigation

dc motorDC electrical motors have, in some form or other, been around longer than AC motors.

They can be permanent magnet, compound, or shunt wound. Usually powered by a separate drive system or printed circuit board. Used where high torque is required with variable speed control, such as rolling mills, press flattener / feeder units. Etc.

Needs higher maintenance than AC motors.

If looked after these motors will give many years of service. However, when they do breakdown the resulting repair cost can be very high.

We offer:

No obligation quotation for the repair of DC Motors, including:

  • Bearing change
  • Brush replacement
  • Rotor rewind
  • Field rewind
  • Tachometer repairs
  • Commutator – repair / replace
  • Mechanical repairs
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